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Daycare Facility Under Investigation After Moms Say Worker Waxed Their Children’s Eyebrows

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This makes me absolutely furious. A daycare in Pasco, WA. is under investigation, after two moms allege that a daycare worker waxed their children’s eyebrows. Just, let that sink in. A worker, at the daycare, WAXED the eyebrows of two toddlers. Both women say they were shocked to discover bald patches between their children’s brows when they picked them up from the facility last Thursday.

They claim that a daycare worker waxed their kid’s eyebrows. They were not notified, asked, or even told about the incident after it happened.

daycare worker waxed

Image: Alyssa Salgado

Alyssa Salgado, whose daughter Lilayiah attends the daycare, says she noticed a bald patch between her daughter’s eyebrows when she picked her up. Alyssa says Lilayiah was born with a unibrow, and had a patch of hair between her brows. All was well when she dropped her child off Thursday morning.

However, when she returned to pick her up that afternoon, the patch of hair was gone.

Alyssa says, “I, like, got a closer look and I saw she was missing her patch of hair because she has a unibrow and she was born like that.” Another mom with a child at the facility says she noticed the same thing on her son when she picked him up. Glenda Maria Cruz says, “I tried to touch his face. He doesn’t let me touch his face. He says, ‘No, No, stop,’ and it hurts me because that’s my baby.”

daycare worker waxed

Image: ABC7

The daycare is held on the Columbia Basin College campus, and is run by the Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties. Executive Director Brian Ace issued a statement on Monday. Ace said, “The Boys and Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process.”

In the meantime, both women have taken their children out of the daycare, pending the investigation. The daycare worker has not been identified at this time. Ultimately, we hope the person responsible for hurting these babies is brought to justice.

(Image: ABC7)