Bobbi Kristina Talks Whitney Houston On Oprah, And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

whitney houston deadExactly one month to the day of Whitney Houston‘s untimely death, Bobbi Kristina Brown appeared on Oprah to discuss her late mother’s legacy and how she’s been faring during this difficult time. “I’m doing as good as I possibly can,” the 19-year-old told Oprah. “She’s always with me, her spirit is strong…I feel her pass through me all the time.” It’s tear-jerking stuff, to be sure, but exactly what you’d expect. In other words, you can skip the whole thing if you were hoping for any type of unique insight into this mother-daughter relationship.

Oprah also interviewed Houston’s brother Gary Houston and sister-in-law-slash-manager Pat Houston, and what actually surprised me most during the 90-minute special was hearing them discuss Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown.  “I loved Bobby Brown. Bobby was a good guy,” Gary said about his former brother-in-law who is often accused of introducing Houston to drugs and being abusive. “I don’t know how good they were for each other.” (Brown came to Houston’s funeral but left after a dispute over seating, which sounds like an asshole move any which way you slice it, I’m sorry to say.)

Pat also admitted that Brown and Bobbi Kristina haven’t spoken since at least Houston’s funeral. There are few things more life-altering than the death of a parent, and the troubled teen is clearly getting no support from her father, which is sad. Though not surprising. In fact, the two have a rather tumultuous relationship, and Bobbi Kristina Brown reportedly plans to change her name to Kristina Houston so that she can sever ties with her father altogether.

Bobbi Kristina, who recently inherited her late mother’s entire fortune, credited her family and God for helping her cope. “It comes in waves. One moment I can be happy and laughing, but then it comes over me. It’s my mom,” she told Oprah. She said she plans to become a singer like her mom, as well as act and dance. These days, Bobbi Kristina still spends time in the house she shared with her mother, whom she describes as “my everything.”

“Sometimes it’s so surreal,” she said. “I still walk into the house like, ‘Mom?’ But I’ve accepted it.

The family also talked about the days and hours leading up to Houston’s death. They claim she was not on drugs when she was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California on the even of the Grammys March 11. Pat said Houston had lunch in her hotel and was preparing for Clive Davis‘ annual party. Pat went to run some errands and when she came back, Houston’s assistant went to check on the singer.

“When I headed down the hallway (to her room), I heard screaming,” she said. Pat ran to Houston’s room and found her security guard frantically trying to revive her. “[She had] a peaceful look on her face.”


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