A 5-Year-Old Reviews Disney’s Sucky Redesigned Princess Games

disney princessesDisney might be the number one purveyor of children’s entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that everything it does is a huge success. Sorry John Carter. But the biggest flop of all might not even be a Disney movie. Their online platform has been notoriously difficult to use and less than popular.

The problems have been so dire that last October, Disney overhauled it’s internet presence for the third time in five years. The constant redesigns have been an attempt to gain a foothold in the growing online opportunities for marketers and entertainers, especially those who cater to younger crowds.

Apparently, October’s changes weren’t enough to fix the Disney problems though. Just yesterday, the introduced a revamped Disney Princess page for little computer-savvy girls to play with.

Since the entertainment giant is obviously struggling, I decided to do a little market research for them. I sat down to Disney’s new princess page with their target audience, my 5-year-old daughter. I let her poke around the website, playing games and scrolling through videos, and recorded all of her wonderful observations about the newest attempt to create a kid-friendly platform.

Overall, my little girl, who has a tablet and is pretty familiar with playing around online, needed a ton of help to navigate the website. She never could have sat down and entertained herself without me taking over the mouse every minute or so. But that wasn’t the only concern. Check out Disney’s newest website design, and a couple of the ways they let one of their prime targets down.


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