State Health Department Investigating Lenox Hill Hospital Following Beyonce’s Birth

Beyonce pregnantOne father was prevented from seeing his twins in the NICU and other family members were reportedly barred from seeing their newborn babies following the birth of Blue Ivy that same evening. But even if you think that Lenox Hill didn’t necessarily do anything out of line by allowing Beyonce‘s private security to control the hospital hallways or to tape over surveillance cameras intended to secure the safety of other people’s babies, some suspect otherwise. Like the agents over at the New York State Health Department.

The New York Post reports that the Health Department will be launching a formal investigation over at Lenox Hill following two complaints that were filed this afternoon. When pressed, the department refused to reveal the identities of those who filed but did tell the Post that they were not from the parents who were “inconvenienced.” No timeline was given as to how long this investigation will take or when we can expect to see the results. [tagbox tag=”Beyonce”]

Lenox Hill previously released a statement following allegations that they had treated other non famous parents like second class citizens simply because the Grammy winner happened to be birthing there as well. The Hospital also claimed that they had, as of then, received no formal complaints but were looking into these accusations. Meanwhile, new parents Beyonce and Jay-Z made no such mention of any of this in their press release personally announcing their daughter’s birth.

But if the State Health Department is leaning into take a look, you can best bet that have enough reason to suspect something went awry last Saturday night.

[UPDATE: State Health Department has reportedly dismissed the complaints]

(photo: WENN)

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