Nostalgic Oil Paintings Transport Us Back To Our Youth

I recently stumbled across these awesome oil paintings by artist Doug Bloodworth and had to share. How cool are they? First of all, they are so realistic I was convinced they were photos. Second, the Oreo and milk one in particular brought me right back to my childhood (just replace Spiderman with Wonder Woman).

The images remind me of a simpler time when we could eat junk food and not care (the term “obesity epidemic” was not on our radar back then). Even Oreos, made with actual lard, were an everyday indulgence. And iPads? Forget about it. We had our comic books and that was good enough.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m glad we can offer healthier lifestyles to our own children. But, still, these paintings make me nostalgic for my youth. Check out the series below, courtesy of


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