Evening Feeding: 20 Moms Reveal the Weirdest Things In Their Purses

One of the weirdest things about becoming a mom is no longer being in control of the contents of your handbag (The Stir)

Michele Bachmann thinks birth control rule will lead to a one-child policy (DoubleX)

Uma Thurman is expecting a baby girl (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Research tests new food allergy treatment (Parents.com)

Man charged with eavesdropping on estranged wife’s sex life (YourTango)

How PMS can save your life (The Frisky)

How not to order a drink (The Hairpin)

Which hairstyle makes you look smarter? (YouBeauty)

10 simple actions to honor International Women’s Day (HuffPo Women)

Parenting against the grain (Babble)

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