27 Iconic TV Episodes That Totally Nail Real-Life Parenting

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This Is Us (Season 1, Episode 9) The Trip

Image: NBC

The episode “The Trip” features arguably one of the most heartwarming scenes in the first season of This is Us. When a new family friend suggests that young Randall needs to be around more black men, Jack and Rebecca find a karate dojo run by a black man. As a part of the ceremony welcoming Randall to the group, Jack is tasked with doing pushups with his son on his back. Seeing little Randall on his dad’s back is a moment that affirms their bond. When Jack tires, the other black dads step up and carry Randall on their backs, cementing the fact that both Pearson men have found their community. Seeing that image makes it one of the best episodes because it hits you right in the feels.

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