27 Iconic TV Episodes That Totally Nail Real-Life Parenting

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Many of us watch TV to escape. But there is something about watching television that also reflect or mirror our lives in some way. Often, the best episodes of a show are the ones that we connect to because they offer us a little insight or mirror our lives in some way. And once you become a parent, the best episodes of a show are often somehow about parenting or family oriented. Sitcoms usually do it best, because not only are they funny, they use that humor to highlight the realities of being a parent. The best episodes make you laugh and make you cry. Either way you’re feeling something.

When you find yourself nodding along and saying, “YES,” that is when you know you’re watching one of the best episodes of a show. Because the best episodes are the ones that we connect with. Even if it’s not on every level, there’s something there at its core that makes us return week after week. Right now, there are so many shows, past and present that offer us that little peek into what everyday parenthood is like. Shows like This is Us, that makes you weep but you also see yourself somehow, or a show like the now canceled One Day at a Time, that makes you laugh and cry in one episode. These are some of the best shows on television because they give you room to connect. This is by no means a definitive list of the best episodes of TV shows about parenting, but they’re some of our favorites.

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