18 Best Nursing Bras, Ranked

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Miracle Bamboo Front Zip Bra


This bra is made from what the brand calls, “breathable seamless comfy-stretch viscose from bamboo fabric.” This means it’s sup

posed to offer all day support and not cause underarm or back bulges. There’s a zip closure in front and optional cup pockets for nursing pads. Out of ten reviews on the HOVIZZA site, all gave the product a five star rating. A warning though- this is another overseas retailer which means the bra won’t get to you for a while. At just under $20 it may be worth it to buy ahead. The bra comes in several colors and sizes from small to XL.

MAMA 2-pack Nursing Bras

Image: H&M

For $29.99 H&M sells these soft, lightly padded nursing bras in a two pack. Online ordering should be okay, since most reviewers agree that the piece fits true to size. “Very stretchy. Especially pre and post swollen preggo body. Very cute,” one reviewer details. If there isn’t an H&M nearby, shipping from the site is free on purchases over $40. The packs come in three color options including pink. Sizes go from B all the way up to the Es. The straps are a bit wider than typical bra straps, meaning more support without a ton more fabric. If your order and the bras don’t work out, H&M allows free returns in any physical store.

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