Mayim Bialik Thinks Breastfeeding Is Superior Because ‘Science,’ Ask Her If She Vaccinates Her Children

Mayim-BialikYou know that viral Similac formula commercial everyone loves? The one where a crowd filled with all different styles of parents begins to argue about doing who’s doing it right, until one of the babies in the commercial begins to roll toward a lake and all the parents ban together to help rescue her? Message — we’re all on the same side. The internet gave a collective “awwww” when it was released last week. Mayim Bialik isn’t buying it, because its message — that no one parenting style is superior — is clearly wrong. Attachment parenting is obviously superior as is breastfeeding, dummies.

From her blog:

Random factoid: I was at that park with my kids the day this commercial was filmed. True story. They shut down a huge section where we normally play and I was annoyed. Little did I know how much more annoyed I would be when the ad came out!

So they shut down her park to film the commercial. First they make liquid poison that is in all ways inferior to breast milk, now this? How annoying. But that’s not the reason she hates the commercial. This is:

“The ad shows breastfeeding as ”just another choice,” ignoring that it is the medically recommended way to feed human babies. It’s not the same as cloth versus disposable diaper choices or deciding which baby shampoo to use. This commercial undermines medical and scientific fact under the guise of ”It’s all the same, don’t judge. And if you do, you are the bad mom.”

See? The ad is dumb, because it’s saying we shouldn’t judge different parenting choices, when, in fact, we should totally judge moms who use formula because breast milk is superior in every way. Of course she’s sort of flipping it by saying we’re judging moms who judge. What came first, the chicken or the egg? The sanctimonious mother or the mother who makes fun of her?

This is not an altruistic company out to end the mommy wars, which would be a lovely thing to do. They are out there to sell formula and the very act of selling formula undermines breastfeeding.

No one is confused by the fact that a Similac commercial is trying to sell formula. No one. Also – I love that she cares about “science” all the sudden. Ask her if she vaccinates her children. That was a rhetorical question — the answer is “No.” She does not. So when it comes to breastfeeding, she’s all about following the “medically recommended way to do things,” but when it comes to vaccinating she’s comfortable ignoring science and the medical community.

Mayim, stop insisting that you don’t judge moms who breastfeed. You clearly do, and your choice not to vaccinate makes you a hypocrite. Every time I write about Bialik, the internet rises up to scream Why are you attacking Blossommmm? Because celebrities that spout anti-vaccine nonsense are dangerous, that’s why.


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