This THC Powder Can Turn Any Food Into an Edible

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know what would take this lasagna to the next level? THC!” If you have (and we know some of you have), then we’ve got just the product for you. Stillwater Ripple is a dissolvable THC powder that can be added to pretty much any food, making any meal an edible. It’s the future, everyone.

Ripple dissolvable THC powder is odorless and and colorless, and it can be added to virtually any food.

The company has two options for their dissolvable THC powders. Ripple Pure 10 contains 10 mg of purified THC distillate. Ripple Balanced 5 has 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD (cannabinoid) distillate. So if you don’t want to go to the hassle of buying prepared edibles, or don’t want to figure out how to make your own using marijuana, this is an excellent option. Finally, an easy way to mellow out!

According to Stillwater, what makes their product different is how fast-acting it is. You don’t have to wait the usual 2 hours to feel it’s affects, it’s almost instantaneous.

Per their product description, “Ripple’s patent-pending technology makes it fast-acting and long-lasting. In most edibles, the THC and other cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver following digestion. As a result, the effects aren’t felt until 90 minutes or more after consumption, leading to unexpected and often undesired effects. Products made with Ripple water-soluble cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream in three places: Under the tongue, in the soft tissue of the digestive tract and finally, in the liver. This Triple Absorption mechanism delivers an edibles experience that’s uniquely fast-acting, with effects felt in as little as 20 minutes and lasting for up to four hours. The net result is a more controlled experience, with no surprises.”

The company makes a variety of THC and CBD products, like tea, coffee, and more.

However, you can only buy Stillwater products in Colorado, where it’s legal (DAMMIT). Therefore, you can’t buy it online and ship it over state lines. Still, if you happen to find yourself in Colorado, getchu some THC powder, and take your meals to the next dimension.

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