18 Best Nursing Bras, Ranked

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Breastfeeding Nursing Dress with Build-in Bra

Image: Amazon

These nursing nightgowns are from the ILoveSIA brand. While many bras tout themselves as being for sleep, this piece is really made with the breastfeeding mom’s nighttime comfort and ease of feeding in mind. There’s a built in bra that’s made to hold disposable nursing pads. The front comes down without Mom worrying about stretching necklines or reaching back to unhook anything. One Amazon reviewer said, “Get this product!!!!! It was perfect after I gave birth. I wore it in the hospital. It was better than wearing the hospital fashion that you are provided (not that you care at the time but hey, ya look good). Easy to feed baby, easy for the nurses to check me when they needed to, easy to get in and out of bed to go to the bathroom in the hospital without being all exposed.”

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