20 Times We Totally Understood Where Movie Villains Were Coming From

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Have you ever gone to a movie and thought to yourself, “I actually think I relate to the villain more than anyone else on screen!” Well, if you do, you’re not alone. Movie villains, despite their bad deeds, can be relatable, especially if you’re a parent. We may not agree with everything these villains do, but we at least understand where they’re coming from. A lot of the time, they don’t even set out to be the bad guy! But things happen, mistakes are made, and before you know it, they’re plotting for world destruction.

It’s surprisingly easy to relate to villains once you have kids. Now, we’re not saying kids turn you into homicidal maniacs or make you want to destroy everything in a fit of rage. OK, maybe that second one has a ring of truth. But aside from the ways in which villains release their pent of rage, parents and villains really aren’t that different! (We’re sure you’ve heard a similar sentiment from your own darling angels.) Kids are great, they really are. But after reading some of these, you’re going to find yourself relating to the bad guy WAY more than you thought possible.

Gru from Despicable Me

movie villains gru

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Gru was perfectly content with being despicable! He had a nice life with his minions and his weapons and his schemes to take over the world. Plus, he had tons of disposable income, which is like, the one thing parents everywhere miss the most about life pre-kids. And then, those meddling girls landed on his doorstep. And suddenly he had a conscience and read bedtime stories and wanted to save the world instead of destroy it. He turned into a total softy, all because he had some kids. Raise your hand if your pre-kid self would have kicked the shit out of your post-kid self for being a boring normie.

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