20 mother-daughter tattoos to show off your amazing bond: Updated For 2023

best mother daughter tattoos

There’s no bond quite like the mother-daughter bond. (After all, who else can you say has loved you through literally every awkward phase?) And while we know nothing could ever make you forget the love, friendship, and connection you share, we also love seeing how some mothers and daughters immortalize their relationship in a beautiful tattoo.

Here are 20 of our favorite mother-daughter tattoos to inspire your own ink.

  1. Dandelion Tattoo

Perfect for symbolizing your connection no matter where your daughter may roam, we love this dandelion tattoo as a reminder to never forget your roots.

  1. You Are My Sunshine

Not only can this tattoo serve as a reminder of a favorite lullaby from when your daughter was little, but the timeless sentiment also serves as a perfect mother-daughter tattoo.

  1. Mama + Baby Birds

If birds of a feather flock together, we can only imagine how close mama birds must be with their babies. Capture that sweet bond with this delicate matching bird tattoo.

  1. North Star

We’re willing to bet that your mom has always been your north star when it comes to guiding you through life. Just like she’d probably say you gave her all the stars! This small, simple tattoo lets you both express just what you mean to each other.

  1. Only Complete When Together

The true beauty of this shared tattoo? It’s only complete when you’re together holding hands. (We’re not crying―you’re crying!)

  1. The Sun and Rose

If your mom always said the sun rose and set with you, this minimalist tattoo is the perfect way to capture just what you mean to each other.

  1. Elephant Bond

An elephant never forgets…and this tattoo is a sweet way to forever remember the bond between a mother and two daughters.

  1. Heart Pairing

We love how these vibrant heart tattoos make a perfect pair, but they also look beautiful when you’re apart.

  1. Never Far Apart

Need a reminder that your bond lives on even when you live apart from your mom? Get these sweet matching airplanes to represent how you’re always only a plane ride away.

  1. Pinky Promises

Your connection with your mom can never be broken–kind of like a pinky promise. We love how these matching minimalist tattoos capture exactly what you share.

  1. Tough As a Diamond

The friendship between mothers and daughters is often formed under intense pressure. But the result? Pure diamonds. Get a pair of matching gem tattoos as a forever reminder of all you’ve endured together.

  1. Simplicity At Its Finest

Some relationships don’t need much to express their value. This simple, line flower tattoo is a beautiful reminder of your connection even when you’re apart.

  1. Your Favorite Mantra

A mother-daughter tattoo can be a perfect way to capture a shared mantra or philosophy, like finding joy in any situation. 

  1. Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Find you and your mom are always finishing each other’s sentences? Get a tattoo of an expression that captures your feelings for each other…and then let one tattoo finish the other.

  1. A Minimalist Option

Looking for something discrete? These tiny matching hearts are perfect for those who want a siple, minimalist tattoo that can go anywhere on your body.

  1. Save Your Handwriting

Want something truly personalized? Get a matching inscription…but with each message written in each other’s handwriting.

  1. Birth Year Connections

We love this floral tattoo that includes the birth year of mom and daughter (and sister who can get hers in a few years!). 

  1. Avocado Cuties!

How cute is this avocado tattoo that makes clear what you already knew about your mom–you complete each other!

  1. A Forever Connection

We love the connection depicted by this line drawing tattoo of a mother and her daughter.

  1. Your Favorite Destination

Do you and your mom share a happy place? Share it forever in ink with a matching tattoo of a famous landmark.

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