8 Ways Having Twins Is Much Cooler Than Having A Boring Single Baby

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Most parents are happy to see someone else with a baby, but twins can invoke wide-eyed panic in others. Spare us your sounds-sympathetic-but-are-actually-kind-of-rude comments like “Double Trouble!” or “You’ve got your hands full!” and go back to being smug over your solo bundle of joy. What parents of singletons (that’s what we call you behind your backs) don’t know is that having twins is where its at. Here’s eight ways having twins is much cooler than having a boring single baby.

1. Your baby shower is a torrential downpour of gifts

People can be very generous at baby showers, but having twins will get you double the packages to unwrap. Having multiples can lead to tons of free samples and supplies from baby companies and the hospital. Getting that much swag will make you feel like a celebrity.

2. No need to schedule play dates

Making mom friends can be tough, but you’ll never have to worry about setting up play dates when you have twins. Not only will they keep each other occupied while you’re making dinner, since they’re both yours, you can avoid the land mines that come with disciplining someone else’s kid.

3. You get two for the price of one

You get all the benefits of having two kids, but you only have one maternity wardrobe to buy and one delivery to recover from. Plus, there’s no internal debate over trying to lose the baby weight now or waiting until after you have a second baby.

4. Clothes and toys cost half as much

When everything gets used twice as much, it’s basically half the price. Suddenly that indoor ball pit seems like an investment rather than a money dump.

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