Here Are the Top 10 American Baby Names in 2017

It’s easy to forget that most people pick perfectly lovely, “normal” baby names. When so much of the coverage is on celebrity baby names, it starts to feel like a weird baby name fad is taking over. In 2017, we saw some doozies out of the celebrity realm (Nick Cannon named his son Golden, for crying out loud). But the Social Security Administration has released its list of the top 10 baby names in 2017, and honestly, it’s fine! There are some stalwarts, and some surprises, but in general, the American public seems to be leaning traditional when it comes to naming their babies.

The top 10 baby names in 2017 are pretty tame. Topping the list for boys and girls: Liam and Emma.

Liam jumped into the number one spot in 2017, bumping long-standing favorite Noah into second. Emma, on the other hand, has held strong for the fourth year in a row. People REALLY love the name Emma.

2. Noah and Olivia

Poor Noah! He didn’t stand a chance against the rise of Liam. Olivia held onto the number two spot for the fourth year in a row, cementing the fact that we will one day be overrun by an army of Emmas and Olivias.

3. William and Ava

Harry may be the hotter prince (don’t @ me), but William has the more popular name. It’s been top 5 for a few years now. And Ava has also been hanging in top 5 for some time.

4. James and Isabella

Isabella is absolutely classic and beautiful, so it’s no wonder it keeps getting picked for new baby girls. And you can’t go wrong with James.

5. Logan and Sophia

While Sophia has been a mainstay on the top 10 list for a few years in a row, Logan is a big surprise! It jumped all the way from #18 in 2016 to #5 in 2017.

6. Benjamin and Mia

Benjamin and Mia held onto their #6 spots from 2016 to 2017, but both names typically make it into the top 10 every year.

7. Mason and Charlotte

Mason fell a few spots since 2016, but Charlotte is holding strong! While it’s a popular name here and has been for years, I imagine the UK has seen a surge of Charlottes over the past few years, thanks to that cherubic little princess.

8. Elijah and Amelia

Elijah and Amelia both saw their popularity grow in 2017, with Elijah jumping up one spot, and Amelia hopping into the top ten from #11 in 2016.

9. Oliver and Evelyn

Oliver and Evelyn have gotten really popular over the past few years! They both went up a couple of spots since 2016, but Oliver was #18 and Evelyn #15 in 2015.

10. Jacob and Abigail

On the other end of the spectrum, it looks like Jacob and Abigail might be falling out of baby name favor. Both names have dropped a couple of spots every year since 2015.

What do you think of the top 10 baby names in 2017? Did one of your kids’ names or a personal favorite make the list?

(Image: iStock/Pirotehnik)

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