Don’t Mind Holly Madison And Her Not So Subtle Belly Bandit Promotion

Holly Madison 2013 Miss USA Pageant held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino - ArrivalsJessica Alba certainly wasn’t pleased back in 2012 when Belly Bandit tried — and failed — to rope her into their “Celebrity Testimonials.” After a successful lawsuit, the mother of two swears by her own postpartum corset and Belly Bandit seems to have found a plug or two in the freshly postpartum Holly Madison. Flat tummies for all!

Don’t mind the new mom as she not awkwardly gallivants around with a Belly Bandit in various stages of velcroing. The mother appeared in (presumely staged) photographs smiling the glee of postpartum flatness. Holly reportedly has lost most of the weight from her pregnancy, but she’d like to shed more. So she has opted for this little gadget — which she is proudly displaying before the media:

The former Girls Next Door star and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner was only too happy to try the device on for size as she shopped in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Holly was seen strapping herself into the belt in front of the cameras, before later emerging in a summery blue dress, wearing the Belly Bandit underneath.

The showgirl has taken a relaxed approach to getting back in shape after putting on 40lbs throughout her pregnancy.

I don’t know about you all but I frequently adjust my postpartum corset-contraptions in public. Anything to make a postpartum celeb lady buck.

(photo: DJDM/

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