Survey Says None Of You Parents Want Chris Brown Babysitting Your Kids

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Celebrity Role Models For ChildrenA website called CouponCodes4U – and can we just stop for a moment and all acknowledge that when hearing the name of this website that it would be SO TOTALLY AWESOME if it were run by *Prince? Because when I see things spelled this way I always think of Prince. I’m totally pretending when he isn’t being amazing and a stone cold musical dynamo he is happily running a website where he finds the best deals for housewives like us! – recently conducted a survey where it asked visitors to vote on which popular celebrity people they felt were negative influences on their children. And according to Fox News, the results are in!

Don’t ask any of these stars to babysit your kids anytime soon!

Unsurprisingly, Chris Brown was voted as the worst male celeb role model in the poll (71%) — probably for beating on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009 — while Miley Cyrus was chosen as the worst female celeb role model (68%) — likely for her transformation from an innocent Disney star to an R-rated personality.

Other female stars who made the naughty list were Lindsay Lohan (65%), Kim Kardashian (63%), Amanda Bynes (61%) and Farrah Abraham (59%). No surprise there. These ladies have all aired their dirty laundry in the limelight.

As for the men, following Chris Brown in the “bad role model” group were Kanye West (67%), Justin Bieber (65%), Lil Wayne (58%) and Charlie Sheen (56%). Some have gotten arrested, others just have egos the size of Texas — but they all have work to do if they want to be mentors.

Um, yeah, I’m gonna guess that maybe, just maybe, Chris Brown is on this list for being an on-again-off-again lady beater. Like, doy. But Miley? What does Miley do? Miley has transformed from a Disney tween starlet to something AMAZING, which is this twerking Grace Jones-esque styled, bling-y manicured equality spew-er, and even though I think her music is really boring I’m pretty much in love with her. I would totally let her babysit my kids, because I think unicorn onesies may be involved. And what’s wrong with Kanye West? Yeah, he has a pretty gigantic ego problem but I don’t think he’d be a bad babysitter at all, and he would probably take the kids to Takashi Murakami‘s studio and they would come home with million dollar paintings. Amanda Bynes would have no idea who your child was. if you dropped your kid off with Amanda she would probably forget it somewhere, possibly even in another state. Justin Bieber can’t even take care of a baby monkey.

I don’t think, in this day and age, parents really look to celebrities, especially reality TV celebs, to be role models for their children. Celebrity role models for children, or at least famous people we want our kids to admire, aren’t usually found on screen or stage. My kids couldn’t pick someone like Farrah out of a police lineup. I’m not even sure the majority of parents even expose their kids to celebrities like Amanda Bynes – it’s not like she has a popular TV show on at present. Maybe if you have older kids they remember her being a child star, but for the most part the average eight-year-old has zero clue who she is. That being said, I can’t really think of any young performer (and by young I mean under age 21) who would be a great role model for kids, except for maybe someone like Quvenzhané Wallis, who just seems like a sweet kid who hasn’t gotten into Hollywood trouble yet. But yeah, your kids have no idea who she is anyway.

*Sadly, Prince does not run a coupon website, but I’m still pretending

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