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Pregnancy Photos Are Sexy If You Are These Sexy Pregnant Women

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I am all for women celebrating their pregnant bodies. Get it. Do it. Love it. I think pregnant bodies are beautiful, even if I did feel like a bloated sea creature during mine. One British photographer is going a step further, though, and making the case for sexy pregnancy photos by releasing pics of some beautiful, naked, pregnant women. I hear what you’re saying, friend, and I admire what you’re trying to do. But trying to prove that pregnant women can be sexy by showing us photos of naked women with amazing bodies and perfect pregnant bellies does not exactly convince the unconvinced.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these aren’t some sexy pregnant women. But what you’re making the case for is, “gorgeous women are still gorgeous when pregnant.” True. You win that battle. But that is not what I or many of my peers looked like while pregnant. Did you know that at the end of my pregnancy my belly had a point to it? Yes. My son dropped and his head turned the bottom of my belly into a point. A POINT. It was not comfortable, and it was not attractive. I also gained 70 pounds and could barely move at the end. I had trouble showering and wiping my own behind. I did not feel pretty.

So if you want to make pregnant women feel sexy, showing us Gisele Bundchen with a twenty pound baby bump is not going to do it. If anything, that makes most pregnant women feel even worse about themselves for not looking anywhere close to that. For most of us, the bodies we knew disappear, leaving nary a trace. We get stretch marks and varicose veins and weird colored nipples and freaking points to our bellies. Show me a woman like that with a crown of flowers and a gauzy white wrap and I’ll start browsing what you’re selling. Show me a gal with a lovely pair of cankles strolling through a field with a bottle of water and some Entenmann’s, and I may even walk inside the shop. Show me a woman nine months pregnant who is no longer able to roll over in bed, laid out on her couch au natural while praying for labor to start, and I’ll even buy purchase something (on layaway, of course).

But photographer Sandi Ford wants even the cankled and hemerrhoided to feel like ladies. As she says to Babycenter UK:

“Embrace this time! Record it. Cherish it. You are creating new life, that is a miracle and deserves attention. You are beautiful. You will forget the niggles and discomfort and you may want to look back and think ‘Wow. Actually I looked awesome.’”

As someone who tried for years to have a baby before I got pregnant, I did cherish that time. I was thrilled to be pregnant…90% of the time. But when I look back at photos of me during my pregnancy, I don’t think, “Wow, I looked awesome.” I think, “Boy, was I lucky to have that. And boy, am I lucky that I won’t ever, ever have to do it again.” I didn’t feel a need to reassure myself of my attractiveness during that period of my life. What I did need was one of those claw grabber things and a nurse to occasionally turn me. Sometimes we don’t get what we want.

(Photo: Facebook page for Bumps, Babes, and Beyond)