Coed Baby Showers Are A Hundred Times Better Than Girls-Only Baby Showers

showerAm I the only one brave enough to say that girls-only baby showers are a total drag? I know that girl-exclusive baby showers are as old as time, but this is the new millennium, people. The more I observe in my social circles and on social media, the more I see coed baby showers popping up as an alternative to snooze-worthy ladies brunch showers, and I welcome the change with open arms.

Okay, I’m kind of biased because I had a coed baby shower. But as soon as I got pregnant, I realized that I would rather do almost anything than sit around a tiny table eating muffins and drinking decaf coffee with all the ladies in my life. I’ve been to enough church luncheons to know that I would probably stab a fork in my eye before the day was through.

Sure, girls-only baby showers can be cute as you all gather round and foam at the mouth and discuss your top list of baby names. But I would much rather mix and mingle with all of my friends of both genders and even””gasp!””allow people to drink at my baby shower, if they were so inclined.

What I’m saying is this: I’m so over the concept of a baby shower being a super-gentle, beautiful party celebrated with whispered voices as everyone pats the expectant mom on the belly. I’d rather have a regular party that may or may not include alcohol. I’d rather chill and eat barbecue or teeny-tiny cocktail weenies with the special people in my life without having to worry about planning a separate Diapers and Beer shower to keep the guys entertained. (Side note: I’m always jealous of guys who get to go to a Diapers and Beer shower instead of a traditional baby shower””because why should the guys have all the fun?)

Here’s to hoping that typical baby shower trends are a-changing. If you’re pregnant, you’re allowed to request any type of baby shower your heart desires. But why not kill two birds with one stone? Why not host a coed baby shower where everyone can have fun and congratulate you on your bun in the oven with the potential for even more gifts?

(photo: Getty Images)

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