Fake Baby Bump: The Latest Use Of One Is A Real Doozy

fake pregnancyYou know when you’re pregnant, people are suddenly really nice to you? Like they’ll give up their seat in a busy waiting area, or let you bud in line in the ladies’ room. (Oh, the perks of pregnancy.) That was likely the case earlier today with a 20-year-old woman sporting a baby bump at a Sao Paulo airport. That is, until police discovered more than 4 pounds of cocaine (!) stashed inside her “belly.”

Yup, it was a fake. The drug-filled belly, it turns out, was simply strapped around her waist. Police noticed she became nervous during a routine questioning and pretty soon they realized what was going on. The woman was promptly arrested, along with a man waiting for her outside the airport in a taxi.

We’ve seen several uses lately for fake baby bumps, which have become somewhat of a craze in China over the past year. Made from silica gel, they can retail for up to $250, and they’re being used for everything from acting performances to having the “experience” of being pregnant (trust us, it’s not the same!). Or, according to my colleague Koa Beck, prosthetic bellies are being used by the likes of Beyonce to trick people into believing they’re actually pregs when, in fact, they’re not.

In January, American high school student Gaby Rodriguez launched The Pregnancy Project, a book about the nine months she spent donning a fake baby bump as a way of exploring stereotypes about teen pregnancy. There’s clearly a market for these babies but this latest use of one really takes the cake. Remember kids: pregnancy and drugs do not mix.

(Photo: iStockphoto)

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