27 Baby-Proofing Items Every House Needs ASAP

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Bathtub Cushion

Image: Instagram / @bloomingbath

Once Baby’s cord falls off and we get past those first few weeks of sponge baths, many parents find themselves confounded about how to actually go about giving a proper bath to a small person who can’t even hold their head up, much less sit properly in a tub. While specialized baby bathtubs are available, some parents don’t have enough extra closet space to store one while not in use. Enter the bathtub cushion, which is exactly what it sounds like: a soft, squishy cushion, usually non-skid on one side, which protects Baby’s back and keeps her or him comfy while you gently clean them in a normal tub or sink. Get one in your favorite color and bathe your little one in comfort!

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