27 Baby-Proofing Items Every House Needs ASAP

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Electrical Outlet Plugs

Image: Instagram / @everydays_a_nande

While it may seem like a bad idea to us, many children have a natural tendency to want to stick sticks or other long, slender things in holes — in the ground, in toys, and in the wall. Electrical outlets can be very dangerous for small children, who may try to put their fingers, eating utensils, or small toys inside. The best way to protect little ones from this hazard is with some kind of cover, either covering the entire outlet or something for individual plugs. All are designed to make it possible for adults to access the outlet when necessary, but many children also figure out the trick to removing them pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there’s no one “best” style for every household. You may need to try several types to figure out which ones will best thwart the curious intentions of your baby.

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