Adorable Baby Deegan Cooper Really Hates The Nationwide Commercial Jingle

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Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.09.50 AMDeegan Cooper needs to be hired to head up every focus group from here on out, because this eight-month-old all ready has a super strong opinion on whether a jingle will make a consumer spontaneously burst into tears every time he hears it.

Check this out, oh and TRIGGER WARNING because after seeing his cute face crumble you will want to pick him up and hold him and protect him from insurance companies forever. And then watch his sad but hilarious reaction again and again.
[youtube_iframe id=”BfC7W5VHV04″]

Awww. I am not sure what is bothering him so much about it. It’s not like it’s a super annoying jingle like the Subway five dollar foot long song which you will hear and you will find infiltrating your brain while you are trying to do normal human stuff like clean your bathroom and suddenly you are catching yourself humming along about bargain price deli sandwiches.

From Deegan’s dad’s You Tube page:

A Nationwide Insurance commercial came on TV last Saturday morning and as soon as the jingle ended, I noticed my 8 month old son didn’t look too happy. I sang the jingle to him and he freaked out. I called my wife in the room and sang again. Again he freaked out. The 3rd time we recorded it and as you can see, he still hated it. We thought “Maybe he just needs a nap,” so we put him down, and two hours later, I sang it to him again. He still hated it. Yes, I know I have the worst singing voice any of you have ever had the displeasure of hearing, probably even worse than William Hung. So before you comment, I feel the need to tell you that he’s never freaked out about how terribly I sound (although he’d have every right to.) For whatever reason, he just really didn’t like that jingle.

I think they should film all of Deegan’s reactions to all commercial songs from now on. Or at least use him in a Nationwide commercial.

I can’t remember my own kids reacting this badly to any songs, but I know growing up my mom used to sing me the Meow Mix jingle and I really liked that. You know, just the one that says meow over and over again. And I’ve totally carried on this tradition by singing it constantly to my cat.

(Image: You Tube)