TGI Friday Open Thread: Why Do We Hate Our Moms After We Become Moms?

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motherdaughterAfter I wrote about 10 Things A Grandma Can Do For An Exhausted New Mom Including Shutting Up A Lot you guys left comments that were SO SAD! I wanted to have you all come over and make you grilled cheeses and brush your hair. Mother-daughter relationships are so fraught and I think that our poor moms have their own residual emotional voodoo left over from their relationships with their moms and once we start having babies and they start getting older things start getting weird.

I know some of you have awesome, super helpful moms who are totally lifesavers and that is great – but from what I can tell the majority of you have moms that are not so great.

Was your mom always this way?

Did she start getting weird as she got older?

Most importantly, how can we keep ourselves from turning into our mothers? I’m not talking about wearing kitten sweaters and baking casseroles, I’m all about that life, but I mean getting all nasty and hyper-critical and not helpful? There’s something to be said about older women who are totally IDGAF, they have raised their babies, they can do whatever the hell they want, I am very much looking forward to those days. But do they have to be so mean while doing it?

So let’s put the FUN in dysfunction! Tell me about about your mom! Is she the best? The worst? Will all of our kids grow up and bitch about us too? Go! Go! Go!

(Photo: the Library Of Virginia)