Move Over, Pancake Shapes, This Dad’s Toast Art Just Won Breakfast

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Saturday morning pancakes are a staple of many childhoods. I remember them fondly–even the grainy ones when my parents got all healthy and switched to whole wheat pancakes–mostly because my dad always made the pancakes into shapes.

Pancake shapes are fun, but pancakes are not exactly an everyday sort of food. But now one British dad is taking his breakfast sculpting skills to the next level, because he’s making a new sculpture out of toast every single day.

Toast sculptures are fun, but Adam Perry’s aren’t just a weird thing to do because he got bored one day. The reason he’s making all these little toast cyclists and dinosaurs is actually really sweet.

Perry makes breakfast for his two daughters every day, but his youngest daughter has severe food allergies, which means that she basically has to have the same breakfast every single day with no variation. She eats two slices of toast with a sunflower oil spread every day. That would get boring very quickly.

“I started to feel really sorry for her that her breakfast was so boring everyday, the same old two slices of white toast,” Perry said to ABC News. “So I started playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again and to make both the girls laugh when they came down to eat.”

Every single sculpture is made from exactly two slices of toast with the sunflower spread. Perry says it does not take him long to do this. Basically, he puts the bread in the toaster, puts the kettle on to boil water, butters the toast and cuts off the crusts, and his goal is to have the whole thing done by the time the water boils. Then it’s plated and ready when his daughters come down.

Whenever mothers put this kind of effort into making breakfast art or lunch bentos, someone always asks if they have a real job. People don’t often ask fathers that question, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the reporter from ABC News asked Perry if he had a job, and Perry said he was a musician:

“Yes, I’m a professional musician, I’m the drummer in a well known band from PA called Bloodhound Gang, so have spent the last 18 years touring,” Perry said. 

Wait, what? Hold on! The cute dad making toast sculptures for his daughters is the drummer from Bloodhound Gang!? I know them from TRL! I have had the line “You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals/so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel” stuck in my head for 17 years thanks to those guys.

It’s in your head too now, isn’t it? If we’re of similar ages, right now we are probably united in humming, “And we can do it doggy-style so we can both watch X-Files.”

Somehow the fact that one of the guys behind songs like Bad Touch (the Mammal Song) is now cutting toast into dinosaurs every day for his kids makes it even cuter.