Super Creepy Naked Dad Walking Down Highway Bites His Son When Cops Tried To Take Baby Away

Naked man Bites Son In South Carolina, a man named Anthony Michael Hedger, 24, was wandering down a highway with his 13-month-old son, who was also naked. The sheriff’s office has received numerous calls about Hedger, who was wandering into traffic and when the police showed up, he ran with his baby into the woods where they both sustained scratches. Civilians who witnessed the chase surrounded the father and his baby until police caught up, and when they attempted to remove the baby from the father he bit his son on the shoulder, hard enough to cause bruising.

Shockingly enough, the report doesn’t say whether or not Hedger was on bath salts or had some sort of mental issues. From The Huffington Post:

Hedger was also taken to the hospital for evaluation before being booked into the Greenville County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond, WSPA-TV reported.


The baby was checked out at a hospital before being released to his mother. So many questions! Why were they naked? Where were they going? Why did this awful dad bite his kid and not bite the cops instead who are probably bigger and tougher than a tiny baby? This is just one of those awful news stories that we don’t have enough details about yet so now we get to all speculate on what the hell was going through this father’s mind. I can’t even imagine what his poor baby mama is thinking except that maybe she had a baby with the wrong guy or that possibly he has gone insane and she can never leave her child alone with him again. I guess the bright side is that this story could have ended up so much worse and that it’s great that the poor baby is okay.

I should also note that I am a much better parent than that guy because when my sons were that age I wouldn’t even take them out of the house not wearing shoes, much less naked. It’s sad, yes, crazy dad is crazy but I really hate it when people are so crazy they would hurt an infant. I know we need better care and understanding of mentally ill people and I agree with this, I just really don’t like when one of them bites a defenseless baby.

(Photo: WSPA)

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