Can Babies Eat Doritos – New Study Says Not To Feed Your Baby Doritos & Dew

Can Babies Eat Doritos ? All of you Honey Boo Boo mamas out there who were planning on giving your six-month-old a bag of Cheetos and some beef jerky for breakfast may want to rethink your menu. Because garbage food is not good for babies. Babies don’t have teeth or debit cards or access to cars that they can drive tp the party mart, which is the main reason why babies don’t usually eat Doritos washed down with Red Bull, but also because it isn’t very healthy.  According to the Herlad.IE:

BABIES as young as six months are being fed crisps, fizzy drinks and chocolate pudding — leading to a spiral of obesity as they grow older.

Dr Flynn highlighted the fact that illness like heart disease, diabetes and obesity may be partly caused by the “inadequacy of the mother’s diet during pregnancy and how they were fed as babies”.

She stressed the importance of breastfeeding and diet in the first year of life.

“How well humans grow and develop during this time can have far-reaching effects on health in childhood and throughout adult life,” she added.

Dr Ita Saul, chair of the FSAI expert group which produced the new recommendations, said it was “not automatic” that parents would naturally know what foods provide the best nutrition for babies.

“We sometimes think that mothers instinctively know what to give their babies but they don’t.

“So it is important that the information is there.”

So this is a thing? How did I miss out on this? I breastfed all my babies because I was so awesome lazy and I didn’t feel like mixing up bottles of formula or sterilizing nipples or getting out of bed in the middle of the night. And when my babies were ready to start solid food I was so paranoid about giving them rice infant cereal that I waited until they were older than my pediatrician said I could to start feeding them people food. But all these other moms were just handing their babies a box of Twinkies and letting them have at it!

I really don’t believe the majority of moms do stuff like this. I think most moms are reading and re-reading baby books and calling their doctor many times before they even dare to mash up a banana.

I am sure that most moms are guilty of letting their kid have an extra cookie or some garbage food on occasion, but when the kid is much older, not before they are crawling. Or maybe I am wrong! Are their moms out there giving their six-month-olds candy bars and Diet Cokes ? I can remember the first time I ever gave my son a french fry when he was almost two and it was like he turned into some crazy baby and lost his mind over being able to eat something so trashy and delicious.

But I never gave my babies junk food when they were little. I kept things like that in a very safe child-proofed storage facility. Called my mouth.

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