Angry Little Boy Revokes Mom’s Bedtime Story Privileges With Cutest Note Ever


(Via Reddit)

“My cousin got her mommy privileges revoked for tonight,” wrote Reddit user leability over a photo of a very stern note left by her  cousin’s young son.

Little Owen left the dramatically punctuated note pinned to his bedroom door. “Mommy, Don’t come read with me. I am mad at you. And I will tuck my own self in. Senserly, Owen.”

He’s so formal! Indignant kids are so cute sometimes. It’s so hard not to smile when you don’t want to encourage them to be obstinate, but their toddler rage is optimally adorable,

Owen’s not alone in this sort of thing, of course. I think most of us have revoked our parents’ parenting privileges at some point or another. (I am not currently allowed to put my 2-year-old’s shoes on her. She will do it herself, even though it takes forever and she always puts them on the wrong feet.)

Another Redditor said her preschool-age son punishes her for being a “bad mommy” by putting himself to bed, and that he once sat at the end of the driveway and said he’d let strangers take him so she wouldn’t get to have him anymore.

Awww. Poor little guy, but that’s so cute!

When my sister was little, she’d threaten to run away and go live with the foxes in the park. Then at night she’d cry because she was afraid of the foxes in the park and have to go sleep in my parents’ room. Another friend’s 3-year-old was mad at her and tried to put her in time out.

A lot of commenters over on The Daily Mail think this is fake and are very mad about it, but I believe it. Sure, not all little kids know the word “sincerely,” but some do, and this smacks of the righteous fury of a precocious kid who is furious with somebody.

Have your kids ever tried to punish you? What fiendish plan did they come up with? Let us know in the comments.

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