Prince William Rescues Two Teen Girls, I Ruin The Fairy Tale

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From the Mommyish “Zomg Fairy Tales Are For Real “ department comes this utterly adorable story about how utterly adorable Prince William saved two teen girls who were swept off to the sea off the coast of Wales.

Our sister site The Gloss reports:

The Duke of Cambridge’s crew had just returned from another helicopter mission when they received a distress call about two sisters, 16 and 13 years old, who were caught in a rip tide while body boarding near Anglesey.

William’s team arrived on the scene just 38 seconds after getting the call.

My partner in crime, Lindsay Cross ,who also writes for Mommyish, then goes on to create this fairy tale all about Prince William and Prince Harry living happily ever after with the two girls Prince William just saved.

 So, if Prince William weren’t already married, can we all just think about the potential fairytale? The 16-year-old, which is young by today’s standards but perfect for Happily Ever After, would be beautiful and maybe a mermaid in disguise.

Ok Linds, you do state that Prince William is all ready married. But let’s not forget the fact he is 30 years old, almost double the age of the girl he rescued. So no, I’m here to dash your Disneyesque fairy tale scenario, it would not be dreamy if they got married. It would be creepy. Yes, if they waited until the 16 year old girl was 26 then it would be less creepy, but by then Prince William would be 40 and yeah, the hair thing.

 Oh my Heavens and the 13-year-old and Harry could’ve started dating a couple years after their siblings settled down happily. She would be the wild child who didn’t want to abide by royal rules. He would say charming things about her “spirit.”

No Lindsay! Because even though he seems to have changed his bad boy ways, in the true spirit of every fairytale ever in the history of ever, the prince in the fairy tale never wears a nazi uniform, even as an incredibly stupid joke.

So even though the news about Prince William saving the two teenage girls is very sweet, I’m not buying the accompanying fairy tale.


(Photo: The Gloss)