Teach Your Kids About Stranger Danger With Scary Ice Cream Man Chris Brown

OK sweetie, you see that man, Chris Brown? The one handing out ice cream from the truck? Remember when we talked about how you should never accept treats or rides from strangers and if one ever approaches you that you should run away screaming? This is the type of person you need to stay very far away from.

From TMZ.com :

Who screams for ice cream? Chris Brown screams for ice cream … and so did the 60 plus kids he bought it for last week in a random act of kindness … yup, we said kindness … and Chris Brown.

The singer was in L.A. last week, volunteering with the Jenesse Center — a non-profit domestic violence and prevention organization — to host their “Back To School Festival” … where youngsters (involved in domestic violence households) were outfitted with school supplies.

Sources tell TMZ … while working the festival, Brown saw an ice cream truck outside the event … and decided to buy all the little tykes and adults in attendance some of the creamy goodness.

Who screams for ice cream? I don’t. I scream in fear of Chris Brown and his horrifying abuse record, his pit bull backyard breeder hobby, his new neck ink that “isn’t-a-beaten-Rihanna-it’s-a-Mac-cosmetics-ad.”  This image is a perfect example of the type of scenario you want to warn your kids against. Sure, handing out free ice cream to kids while volunteering at a domestic violence prevention organization is swell, but not if you are Chris Brown! We don’t want your fisty frosty treats! We don’t want you near our children, or our sisters, or our daughters. I don’t care how much free ice cream Chris Brown hands out. I will never be convinced he’s not the perfect epitome of a creepy ice cream handing-out movie villain.

(Photo: Wenn)

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