Ronald Stephenson Is Pretty Much The Best Babysitter Who Raps About Breastfeeding Ever

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Ronald Stephenson Popping Bottles Hips Hop Breastfeeding Yesterday I received an email from a guy named Ron Stephenson who asked me if I had seen his You Tube video that he had created for his little cousin Yazzy – yeah yeah I know, I’m also in total envy and sadness that I did not name my daughter Yazzy because it’s the cutest name ever (Could it be a nickname for Jasmine? Yazmina? I am loving this name) and Ronald told me:

She is such a doll!


And she is! And not only is she a doll but Ronald is a doll because this video and the accompanying jam is all too adorable. Watch and be amazed!

[youtube_iframe id=”WvdJpmIOw74″]

The fact that there is a song about breastfeeding and the video shows an actual breastpump is pretty much the best thing ever. I asked Ronald how this all came about and he answered:

 I saw her mother’s breastfeeding schedule which was more intense than I ever could have imagined so offered to help out. I love kids and end up being a baby hog anytime I’m around people’s kids in general so it’s a win-win. Dad wasn’t getting much sleep so he was on board as well:) I do Adult Contemporary Hip Hop and write about my reality as an adult which now includes babysitting…lol End result: Yazzy has her own theme song!

I asked Ronald if he has kids of his own yet and he said he is a “Dogfather” (AWWWW!) to the two pups playing with their own toy bottles in the video, and he is a newlywed but they plan on having kids in the future. I also asked if we could expect to see some songs about diaper changes or pacifiers coming up and he said:

Since “Popping Bottles” was released my requests for babysitting from friends and family has increased dramatically so you never know what I’ll see that could lead to something else…lol  I always write about what’s going on in my life and there is so much going on there is no telling what will be next so definitely stay tuned.

The song is too catchy and the video is all too cute. I want Ronald to make a whole series of these and then release a CD of songs all about life dealing with a baby. I wonder if he takes requests because I think we need songs about not being able to find a changing station in a bathroom at the mall and an epic rap battle confrontation between Ronald and an old lady at a park who tells him Yazzy needs to have a sweater on.

(Photo: You Tube)