Andy Richter’s Tweet Controls The Preschool Universe

Andy Richter tweeted the above this afternoon and I’m pretty sure it’s the best tweet ever. So true: I share this hostility to email threads written by parents of preschoolers. I don’t even think it’s sick or wrong. But maybe there is something wrong with being overwhelmed with nausea each time I read a parent pouring all of their energies into an email about little 2-year-old Madeleine’s need to balance confidence-building skills with non-aggression techniques she’s learning in her Mommy & Me Peacebuilding Seminar. Or whatever it is. I value and love and respect the parenting email list-servs I’m on (Hi guys! Don’t kick me off, please!) But nothing makes me want to punch someone so quickly as a passive aggressive comment about what they saw a nanny do at the playground, a hystrionic discussion of which products have the best non-BPA components or questions about how to ensure all dinners are made at home with organic ingredients.

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