School Develops Fun Assassination Plot For Kids

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Since I live near Washington, D.C., disaster drills are something of a common occurrence. At my last newspaper, we purchased bottled water, gas masks and regularly marched to one end of the building or another to prepare for the inevitable terror attack. That never came. But, you know, the suits wanted to spend money on disaster prep instead of wage increases. What are you going to do?

Schools in this area also prepare the children for any number of terrifying disaster scenarios. One friend said his toddler received the disaster prep at her preschool this week. I’m sure this is all a good idea.

But one Illinois high school took things way too far with their recent disaster preparations.

Several Stephenson County sheriff’s deputies helped with the drill, said Chief Deputy Todd Welch. This is the first time the sheriff’s department has assisted with a drill of this kind at a school. The mock scenario involved an “armed intruder,” played by a deputy, who entered the school, fired a cap gun, and asked for a specific student. Other officers arrived on the scene and “arrested” the intruder. …

[District 203 Superintendent Randy] Otto did confirm that the student who the “intruder” was searching for, fled school grounds and had to be located and brought back to school.

You have got to be kidding me. As Reason editor Matt Welch put it “Cop Plays Mock Assassin At High School.” If I were a parent in Stephenson County, I might be worried that my child would be protected by the same geniuses that came up with this fun assassination plot.