Ali Lohan Trying Her Hand At Being Exploited In Another Country

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Ali LohanIt seems that 18-year-old Ali Lohan is as committed to her modeling career as ever. Who knows what luck Lindsay Lohan‘s little sister has had in the America market, but the teen is now reportedly taking her career to South Korea. Can you say Girl Model Part II?

In a plot line that very much mirrors the independent documentary exploring the seedy underbelly of underage girls modeling in Tokyo, Ali is off to live in a “model house” with three to four other American young ladies. TMZ reports that Ali will live in the county for a month while she and her housemates try to book jobs on the Asian market. Sources suggest that Ali has “no issues” with leaving the country. But given what we’ve already seen about the exploitation of hopeful young models on that side of the world, from cramped living conditions to getting utterly ripped off financially, Ali could have quite the challenges ahead.

Then again, having Dina Lohan for a momager means that she can actually cite “exploitation experience” on her resume. Best of luck, kid.