I Bet K-Middy Is Ready To Punch The Next Person Who Says ‘No Baby Yet?’ In The Throat

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shutterstock_137225636__1374259847_142.196.156.251Kate Middleton and Prince William spent the last week in the English countryside, relaxing with Kate’s family. They are now heading back to London – so of course everyone is speculating that they are in rush to get to the hospital and deliver the most important baby to ever be born. 

Mothers, do you remember how annoying those last few weeks of pregnancy were, especially if you went over your due date? How hard do you think it is to be Kate Middleton right now? She can’t just blatantly go off on everyone around her, she’s the Duchess. I would love to hear her internal dialogue. I bet it’s filled with rage:

I don’t know when this f-ing baby is coming! Who do I look like, Nostradamus? GET OFF MY BACK, WORLD! Seriously, stop asking me questions about this baby! And where is the ice cream I asked for 20 MINUTES AGO? GAHHHHH!

From Us Magazine:

Whether the Duchess, 31, is immediately headed for St. Mary’s Hospital to give birth in the Lindo Wing– or simply back home to Kensington Palace — remains to be seen. Says a Palace rep: “We wouldn’t comment on the exact whereabouts of the Duke and Duchess – we wouldn’t normally do so in their private time.”

Earlier on Friday, a royal source told Us that Middleton’s due date has “passed.” The Prince, 31, has not yet begun his paternity leave, but is simply taking time off to await the birth of his first child. “We’re all on the edge of our seats for news,” a Royal Air Force source admitted. “I thought the baby would be born by now!”

Shut up Royal Air Force source, you know nothing. Stop with all of the pressure. It’s her first baby. Only five percent of babies are born on their due date. It is very common for women to go way past their due date, especially for their first child.

Seriously though, when is this baby coming? I can’t wait.

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