Amber Rose Endorses Painful Breastfeeding

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Amber Rose is a new mother to Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz with her fiance Wiz Khalifa. And so now that the documom is settling into her first week of motherhood, she is naturally updating us all with regard to her decision regarding nursing. (Also known as the second stage of celebrity motherhood following the birth. See Kristin Cavallari for examples). But hold your stones lactivists. Apparently we have lift off.

The new mother tweeted the following update on nursing that newborn babe:

amber rose baby

As long as you’re not experiencing the kind of pain that eventually warrants double milk duct surgery compounded with formula guilt, I say breastfeed away. Glad the new mother is having a fairly “awesome” time with what is still such a fraught personal decision for many, many new mothers. Lucky duck. Please update us on the pump if/when you get there.

Perhaps Amber Rose will suddenly become all pro-breastfeeding like Snooki and they can pitch a breastfeeding celebrity mom reality show. Fabulous D-List style.  And the producers can script a scene in which Amber Rose sees Kim Kardashian buying formula in the grocery aisle (because her baby will born by then) and Amber Rose can get all Mom Judgey from the checkout line. And Kanye West can be waiting in the car with diapers. Insta-plot!

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