Khloe ‘Mommy-Jacks’ Kim’s First Post-Baby Photo, Sort Of

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Khloe Kardashian posted the first post-baby picture of sister Kim Kardashian to her Facebook page on Friday, with the caption “I love my lil baby so much.” Don’t get too excited, though. She’s talking about her “dog baby” not her real niece. Can this be called “mommy jacking,” too?


Okay, she’s a mommy to a dog, not a person – but I think the rules of mommy-jacking still apply. She knows everyone is waiting to see pictures of Kim and her little offspring. So she posts one, but turns all the attention to her dog. I have to admit, her dog-baby is really cute.

Who really needs to see a picture of North West anyway? I never understood why there is such a huge payday for that first photo. All newborns look the same. Not exactly the same – but close. Sure, there are some variations on skin tone and hair color, but generally they are all just squishy little blobs that can’t hold their heads up or focus on anything. I can see a glimpse of my toddler in his newborn picture – but barely. Am I right?

Kim looks exhausted. I guess that is the message we are supposed to be getting here. Her eye make-up looks amazing and is reminding me of my hospital stay after the birth of my first child. I stayed in the hospital from hell that had no private rooms and shared one with a woman who was totally put together like this the day after she had her baby. She had a cute outfit and make-up on. I did not. She made me feel really bad. Also, she had the side of the room with the window. I had nothing to look at but a gigantic clock on the wall in front of me.

I just mommy-jacked my post about Khloe’s mommy-jacking. Let’s do better with the next photo, okay Khloe? And try not to write the word “lil” ever again. That is the worst.