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Video: We Will Be Just As Sleepy As This Adorable Sleepy Baby, Just Not As Adorable

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Are you all in your Thanksgiving tryptophan comas and falling asleep like this adorable sleepy baby after eating lots of turkey and drinking some yummy wine? Hopefully you are also smiling like he is! Babies are something I think we can all agree we are thankful for, especially when they are as sweet as this one. This makes me miss my own kids at this age!

Courtesy of our friends at Gawker, this little guy is too cute for words.
[youtube_iframe id=”fs4cDLfgL4A”]

 Baby Leo is exhausted, but he’s happy! And he’s almost asleep again… and then he’s happy! And on and on it goes. When my kids acted this way I never ever wanted to let them sleep. But now my kids are a lot older than this baby so I’m going to try to give my husband extra wine and also tell him amazingly great jokes in hopes he will fall asleep and then wake up smiling like this, and then fall asleep and wake up smiling and on and on. I have no babies in my house this Thanksgiving, so all of you moms out there with babies feel free to bring them to my house so I can get my baby-fix. I will give you pie!

(photo: youtube)