Teenager Finds Live Baby in Suitcase with Skeleton


In most things in life, there is a reasonable explanation. It might not be clear at first glance, and it might take some time to get to it, but generally the events of the world make some sort of logical sense.

This is not one of those cases.

This week a 19-year-old discovered a live baby hidden in a suitcase, zipped in with a skeleton, and there is no possible way this is not the end of an awful, awful story.

According to The Local, the 19-year-old discovered the live, newborn baby girl in a suitcase in the apartment he was reportedly sharing with a 22-year-old girlfriend. When he opened the suitcase, he found the live baby had been zipped inside with the skeleton of what appeared to be another human infant. That one was just a skeleton, though, and it had reportedly died long enough ago that it was just bones when the young man found it.

I feel for that 19-year-old. It is not clear how the suitcase got in his house without his knowing about what was inside of it, but there is no situation where one expects to find a baby and a baby’s skeleton in one’s own house like that. That must have been awful. Luckily, he found the live baby before anything worse happened to it.

The 19-year-old immediately called police, who took the baby girl to a nearby hospital, where she’s being cared for and is reportedly healthy and in stable condition. That’s some good news, at least.

Officers immediately went and arrested the man’s girlfriend at her place of work. She is presumed to be the mother of both babies, and is accused of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. (An autopsy has not yet been completed on the deceased infant.)

It’s unclear who the father or fathers of the babies are, or how the young man could be living with his girlfriend and not known what was going on. Police have been questioning the man who reported the discovery, and the woman’s neighbors and coworkers to piece together what the hell could possibly be going on, but so far the young man has not been held or accused of anything.

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