Mommyish’s Labor Day Giveaway: Tell Us Your Best Labor And Delivery Stories!

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Here at Mommyish, we’ve noticed that moms LOVE to talk about their labor and delivery stories. Whether they got an epidural or delivered naturally, got cut open or pooped on the table. The trouble with these stories is, rarely do people want to hear about your ridiculous, traumatic or epic labor in real life. Until now! We want to hear all about your labor story.

In honor of Labor Day this year, we present MOMMYISH’S LABOR DAY GIVEAWAY (TM). This is your chance to tell us what happened to YOU when you were giving birth. Normally we don’t care for this type of oversharing. Except actually we’re bloggers, and we love oversharing. Let’s be honest.
(PS: We did a Google image search for “giving birth” to illustrate this post and really do NOT recommend following our lead there.)
Wanting to talk about things no one wants to hear about is our cross to bear as parents. But that stops now. Mommyish wants to hear your funny labor stories. We all went into the labor room with expectations. Some of us left without our lunches. Some of our partners saw things they can’t unsee. So let us know what happened to you. Tell us the silliest, most unexpected, funniest thing that transpired while you were delivering your baby. Bonus points for pictures (no vag shots please).

We’ll publish the best stories throughout next week and let the readers decide on Friday August 29 who most deserve our prize: a $200 gift certificate to SpaFinder.

Please keep your stories between 500-1000 words and submit them to We will be accepting submissions until midnight on Thursday August 28. Let the oversharing begin!

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