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Three-Year-Old Packs His Own Lunch and It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

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(Reddit / @andyrine)

Any parent knows that packing lunches for kids is a dull, thankless task. The day my daughter starts packing her own lunch, I will celebrate like I just won the lottery. As tempted as I am to have her begin packing her lunches now, I’m pretty sure her lunchbox would look very similar to what this three-year-old put together. Reddit user andyrine shared to the subreddit r/Daddit a picture of his son’s lunchbox, and it has me rolling.

Simply captioned, “My 3 year old packed his own lunch today,” the photo does the rest of the talking.

That's a lotta cheeseballs

via reddit / @andyrine

I love this picture so much. Do you know how often I’m tempted to just pour a can of food into my kids’ lunches? This child speaks to my soul. I’m very curious how the parents have managed to keep that couch so clean, though. My couch looks like I just picked it up off the side of the road. Although, theirs is likely permanently orange now, because we all know that cheeseball dust stains evvvvvverything.

And yes, that’s an ambitious amount of cheeseballs, but if this three-year-old is anything like mine I have faith they’ll all be eaten.

No word from @andyrine on if he let his three-year-old take this lunch to school, but here’s hoping.