Adorable 10-Year-Old Makes Potty Training Trophy for Little Brother

Nothing hits me right in the feelings like siblings being sweet to each other, and this week a 10-year-old boy has warmed the cockles of my heart by creating the sweetest, cutest little Lego trophy for his potty training little brother.

Proud dad Charlie Walk from Boise, Idaho, posted a photo of his son’s potty training trophy to Instagram and to Reddit’s /r/funny forum, and people can’t get enough of how cute it is.

“So the 2 year old is potty training and this is what the 10 year old came up with. ‘It’s a trophy for when he is all trained,'” he wrote.

potty training trophy
Reddit / jcmcna0733

That’s so cute! And it’s pretty darn creative, too. He got the toilet tank, the golden stream, and he even filled the bowl with clear tiles to represent water. He even added little white single-stud pieces in there to represent the bubbling of the water as the stream hits it. This is getting a little graphic, but it’s too cute to mind.

Walk specifies that the tiers of yellow bricks around the base of the toilet are meant to be a gold base for the trophy, not evidence of all the mistakes the 2-year-old makes on his way to earning it.

Everyone loved the adorable story of the 10-year-old who made a Lego potty training trophy for his little brother, but a few Reddit users are suspicious that the dad must have made this, because no 10-year-old could create such an intricate and complicated Lego statue. Is that really true, though? This is impressive, but it doesn’t seem impossibly impressive. Besides, as one Redditor pointed out, a 10-year-old that has been playing Minecraft for a few years probably builds sculptures like this in his sleep, because if Minecraft teaches you anything, it’s how to build complicated things out of blocks.

Walk says his 10-year-old came up with the idea and built it himself, and that he’s a Lego obsessive who’s been building with them since he was five and graduated from Duplo to the grown-up sized blocks. Walk has since posted a few videos of his son’s Lego creations to Instagram to prove that it’s really his kid doing the work, and they are even more impressive than the trophy. The kid even made a functional pinball machine!

Walk’s son really looks like a Lego genius, and he’s a super sweet big brother, too. That kid is adorable.

 (Image: iStockPhoto / JordiDelgado)

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