16 Reasons People Are Talking About Netflix’s True Crime Doc ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’

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Some boundaries were clearly crossed. But everyone makes mistakes, right? It can’t get worse than that. Right? Wrong.

So there was some hinky stuff going on between B and Mary Anne. And Bob and B had … we don’t even know how to categorize their relationship, to be honest. While mom and dad were completely dropping the ball left and right, B was getting closer and closer to 12-year-old Jan. We’ve established that Mary Anne and Bob Broberg were not the sharpest tools in the shed, but the depths of their stupidity is about to blow your mind. See, B opened up to the Brobergs about being in therapy, which he said stemmed from abuse he suffered as a child. In reality, he had previously spent a year in jail for raping another child, which he didn’t disclose to the Brobergs.

Somehow, SOMEHOW, B convinced these parents that part of his therapy required him to sleep in bed with their daughter. Sleep. In the same bed. As their 12-year-old daughter. So what did they do? Why, they let him! They let this man, who had already displayed an unhealthy fixation on Jan, to share her bed with her 4-6 nights a week. FOR MONTHS. B would give Jan her “allergy pill” before bed on the nights he stayed over, and she would fall asleep/pass out next to him. Guess what? Jan didn’t have any allergies.

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