18 Valentine’s Day Traditions To Start With The Kids

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valentine's day traditions

Image: iStock / macniak

For many of us, trying to find something meaningful to do for Valentine’s Day is a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to our kids. We want to show them that the day is more than just a Hallmark holiday (even though that’s pretty much what it is.) And we want to make it fun. Starting Valentine’s Day traditions with our kids that may go off the normal path of flowers and candy can be a challenge. Mainly because that’s all you can find relating to Valentine’s Day.

But, there are ways to keep the day fun. Creating new Valentine’s Day traditions with you kids gives lasting memories. And then if they have kids of their own, it gives them something to pass down one day. Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank, or drive you insane. There are plenty of low key things to do that don’t require a ton of additional work. And many don’t require you to be a crazy Pinterest mom either. Just go to your local craft store and buy a few heart cookie cutters or stencils and that solves half your problems. Or you can go to your local party supply store — this is what they’re made for. Here are a list of some relatively easy Valentine’s Day traditions you can start with your kids.

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