Olivia Wilde Shamed by Trolls After Posting a Photo of Her Kissing Her Son on the Lips

There’s nothing in the world less weird than a mother kissing her child. But when Olivia Wilde posted a cute photo of herself kissing her son, recently, she got a very nasty surprise. The trolls came out to condemn her for being gross, inappropriate, and creepy for kissing her son on the lips, even though it was perfectly sweet and innocent.

The trolling of Olivia Wilde is one of the more egregious examples of mom-shaming and internet crackpottery we’ve seen, because there’s no way this is inappropriate.


There’s nothing wrong with Wilde’s picture at all. It’s not inappropriate to kiss a small child on the lips. A lot of the time, they initiate it themselves. If you go to kiss a little kid, there’s a good chance they will just turn around and kiss you on the mouth instead. When they initiate kisses on their own, they often go right for the mouth. It’s not weird. It’s just a peck. But still people are accusing Wilde of “kissing her son like her husband.”

The kiss that summoned a dozen jerks

The commenter who told Wilde, “”Kissing your kid like your husband. It’s not good for him” claimed to be a psychologist. But it seems like very few people believe that one. (Everyone is an expert on the Internet.)

Others insisted that it’s not OK to kiss kids on the mouth because it is sexual, it is inappropriate, or even that it will give them herpes. People with cold sores should probably not kiss small kids on the mouth, but it’s an exceptionally weird thought process to jump from “mom kisses kid” to “kid will get herpes.”

Before the Internet, it would never have occurred to me that someone would think this was inappropriate. But this is not even the first time this has happened. Internet commenters previously called Victoria Beckham a child molester and accused her of sex abuse for posting a similar photo. That was disgusting for many reasons, not least of which was that it minimized the horror of actual child abuse, which has nothing to do with getting a peck from one’s mother.

It’s OK to kiss little kids. This isn’t sexual at all.

Do you think it’s OK to kiss little kids on the mouth? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Instagram / @OliviaWilde)

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