25 Products We All Owned As A Kid That Defined The ’90s

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Only people who had a Discman know the pain of having to walk REAL slow lest you make your CD skip.

90s products

Image: Instagram / @joebleeps

You couldn’t clear a curb without missing the best part of your song on a Discman. But CDs were all the rage, and we never felt cooler than pulling out a giant plastic case from our backpack and placing an actual CD into this beast of a music player. This is one area where we are totally down with technological advancements. We don’t even need a dedicated music player anymore, we all have phones. If our kids saw an actual CD in the wild, they’d probably think it was some kind of weapon. But man, nothing compared to flipping through the CD singles (SINGLES!) at your local Record Alley on a Saturday mall trip, right?

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