25 Products We All Owned As A Kid That Defined The ’90s

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Hair Scrunchies were the ultimate in 90s products fashion.

90s products

Image: Instagram / @ammoniteapparel

No 90s list is complete without a hair scrunchy. There was no better accessory for your outfit than a matching hair scrunchy (in a side ponytail, natch). The best part of wearing scrunchies was how high and big they made your ponytail. Even girls with thin hair could rock some volume when they layered three or four scrunchies on their pony! We all had an insane amount of them to coordinate with everything in our closet. And once again, scrunchies are back in a big way. We aren’t going to be rocking them anytime soon, but it does make us smile to see the youths wearing them now.

Which one of these 90s products was your favorite and don’t lie — which one do you still rock right now?

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