Embarrassing ’90s Clothes You Used To Rock With Confidence

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Chances are, if you were alive in the 90s, you are super nostalgic about them. And honestly, who can blame you? Any 90s kid will tell you that they are the best decade to have grown up in. We were on the cusp of great change in the 90s — in a time before everything was documented with a selfie and you and your friends took pictures with disposable cameras. Which is probably for the best, because some of the outfits we wore in the 90s were a lot. 90s fashion is definitely less outrageous than 80s fashion. But truth be told, not by as much as you’d think.

Some of us would very much like to forget the fashion faux pas that came out of the 90s, especially the ones we wore. Lest we forget, MC Hammer style harem pants, denim on denim, or the time people were wearing their clothes backward because of the rap duo Kris Kross. Just about anyone who was a kid in the 90s is thankful that our awkward middle and high school days aren’t lurking in the dark corners of the internet. 90s fashion was all kinds of things, but here are some of the most popular styles we rocked. Shockingly, a lot of 90s fashion is making a comeback, which proves not only that fashion is cyclical, but that we’re getting old.

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