STFU Parents: The Rise Of The Momblebrag

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Last week I received an email from a new mom: “Is Momblebrag a word? I want to pull this woman’s hair.” The screenshot she’d attached featured a woman humblebragging in a parenting group — the exact place parents go to build a support network, but stay to feel better about themselves and their parenting while they secretly loathe every member. In this instance, the momblebrag was about having an “easy baby,” which is something people sincerely mean when they say it, as they are genuinely thankful for their easy baby, but it’s also kind of like saying, “Oh man, I am SO fortunate that I happen to have a trust fund. I would’ve been okay without it; I would’ve taken life by the balls and appreciated every single second just as much, but with this trust fund, life is made so much easier, you know?”

_INTRO_easy baby

Lynn, I’m glad your baby is “well” during the day — no, really, I am — but this is the kind of information that makes some people hate you. Not everyone is “blessed” with a good baby, or a good experience putting their kids in daycare, and so your comment, while perhaps accurate, comes off as a momblebrag that stirs white hot rage among other members of your Facebook parenting group. Funny how a solitary comment can have that effect!

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